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How intriguing is it? 

He asked. 

Earnestly intriguing, 

yet so deeply overwhelming.

I said. 


nobly absorbing. 

I need to behear… behear your story. 


Let’s sit at the edge

at the edge of the top 

where I will experience 

the pace of your soul, 

                     he continued. 


Look at the bugs 

just below the street light 

in this desolate night, 

What do you see? 

Tell me, 

What do you see? 


For days, 

I have ridden on this street. 

For months,

I have studied it. 

For years,

I have lived in it

but just like you 

here I am 

watching the bugs, 

so care free 

so willing 

to enjoy the light 

Yet here we are 

in the coldness of dark 

craving THE sight. 

Are you afraid? 

Are you timid? 

to become the bugs 

because you know 

that the light 

that light ,

In the intensity of the night 

will create your shadow-

a troubled shadow 

with an overwhelming pace. 

                 Tell me, 

              tell me son 

          How do you feel? 


Have you ever had that feeling,

freedom kind of feeling 

It doesn’t scream so loud from the outside 

But in your heart,

It’s already exploded. 

That you need to fight for yourself 

…you need to fight for someone. 


Your eyes,

I can see it in your eyes

that you struggle to understand.

       I wish I could go on 

       go on telling you …

But its not for me to say 

Its for you to bleed,

you have to pen it 

you have to read it 

just do it 

Soul it up 

you have to. 


But son! 

I don’t know 

How will I know?

My mind, 

still synchronizing your pace 

has lost intellect 

On the logic of your words. 

                I don’t know,

                I couldn’t know 

I am in awe, 

In awe of your blindness 

How could you not know? 

How could you not see? 

Yet I gave you  the tune 

I gave you the beats, 

because I never knew 

I will never know 

where the pen will stop. 

                         So come, 

                         come dad

                     Look at the bugs,

                    they are now more 

         a whole lot more than they were 

            They aren’t after the light 

                Its not about the light 

            They are after each other 

So tell me,

tell me dad 

What do you see? 

Happiness can never be in loneliness 

So who are you chasing after?

what…are you chasing after? 


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I have known this path, 

For the decades of my time.

The roots of its roots, 

and the rough of its soil. 

At the onset of its clarity, 

You will find tumbling stones. 

At the hidden of its corners, 

you will fear, to take the next step

For your mind will not know,

the colours of its fallen petals at the linear of its trees. 

But what is life, 

when determination isn’t you? 

So hold my hand, 

and take a leap of faith. 

Noticed or unnoticed,

I want you to know, that as you struggle to leave no tumbling stones behind, 

that life isn’t a comfortable ground, 

Until you follow its course 

And find the blossom of flowers. 

I have known this path, 

For the thorns of its cactus.

Painful they are and yet sweet at the end. 

In it you will toil, 

Everyday… Every night 

and when you feel like letting go, 

You will know your brothers for who they really are. 

Forgiving and unforgiving,

they will take a different lane, at the strike of your every fall. 

Conceited and humbled, 

they will be by your side, 

for every achievement you hold. 

But what is life, 

when God isn’t in you? 

In your silent moments:

Seek His grace. 

Let Him show you, the embodiments of wise. 

So hold my hand, 

and take the next step. 

Friends or no friends 

I want you to know 

That the presence of the thorns, 

Is what keeps you going. 

But life isn’t a comfortable ground 

Until you find the beauty of the cactus. 

I have known this path, 

For the nature of its mirage.

It needs overwhelming focus 

and thorough discipline. 

In the words of Paulo Coelho, 

I will make it known to you,

That if you want to succeed, never lie to yourself. 

In it you will know, 

The expression of boring. 

For every second…of every hour 

Of the days in your life ,you will repeatedly follow the course of its curve. 

Fatigue will become your shadow 

And the blankness in your eyes

Will become the obvious of nature. 

But what is life, 

When you don’t create its rhythm? 

Stop waiting for the spark, 

 take the next step 

and conceive it. 

Success or failure, 

I want you to know, 

That as you hold the many hands of life 

This is it,… Your effort -the most powerful ingredient

As you create the comfort of the ground in your life. 

So don’t stop… Don’t give up 

Because at the end you will always smile.

📷📷📷by Adhiambo Agoro